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Date beautiful Russian girls in Saint Petersburg



    A personal introduction romance tour is possibly one of the most exciting adventures that you could ever experience and might even change your life.
Not only will you visit a country rich in tradition and culture but you will meet some of the worlds most attractive and beautiful Russian women.

     Russian girls are not only beautiful and appealing for their outlook on life and traditional values but more importantly, they have desires in life that so many western women have put aside.
Russian women want to find true love, a warm and loving family, they want to meet that one special man whom they can love and share the important things in life.


    During your trip you'll meet many wonderful Russian women and have plenty of time to fill your days and nights with dining, dancing, and site seeing. These are only a few of the activities you'll enjoy. From the moment you arrive at your destination our staff will assist you and cater to your needs. Guides, car with driver, and translators are available.

  • Visa Support
    We provided you with the needed invitation and voucher for your tourist visa processing.

  • Airport or train pickup and drop-off
    On your arrival one of our staff will meet you at the airport or train station for pickup and shuttle to your private apartment. At the end of your tour you will be transported back to the departure point for your return home. Pickup and drop-off is available 7 days a week.

  • Accommodation
    We can offer you to accommodate in good Hotels in the centre of Saint Petersburg.

  • Unlimited arranged meetings with the Russian girls according your choice.
    Browse our catalog and pick out the ladies you'd like to meet. On an average 90% of the ladies on our website will come and meet a man who is already in their city with little or no notice, however we do think that it is better to establish initial conversation by first writing a letter or two of introduction and include a good quality photo of yourself before your arrival. This gives our ladies time to reflect on who you are and warm up a bit for your first face-to-face meeting.

  • Consultations via email and during your visit
    During the process of finding the ideal partner in another country you will have questions arise. Our staff will be there to give you the information that you need so that you can make educated decisions.

  • Personal Secretary
    Your secretary will contact all of the ladies you would like to meet, handle your schedule, your correspondence, and any other task you might expect a secretary to do.

    Meeting the women in person is the only way to know if which one is right for you and we have done everything to make your trip as enjoyable as possible we give the ease of simply filling out one form that could change the rest of your life.

If you like to order romantic tour to Saint Petersburg, Russia, please contact us



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